Quien soy Dalia Lombardi

You may have guessed that my name is Dalia, that I am a translator and interpreter, and that I am Italian, but let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I have been living in Madrid since 2016 and for over ten years I have been localizing and translating text from French, Spanish and English into Italian, building bridges between different languages and cultural contexts and, in the process, making sure your brand reaches its target market. Over the years, I have found my niche as an interpreter in Madrid, providing professional and personalized services wherever required.

My academic background includes a degree in Language Mediation for Interpreters and Translators from the “Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici” in Perugia, Italy. In addition, I completed a binational specialization (Italy-France) in Foreign Languages for International Communication with a specialization in Law and Business, at the University of Turin and the University Jean Moulin Lyon III.

My career path has led me to live and work in different cities, spanning Italy, France, the UK, and Spain. This experience has nurtured my international spirit and comprehension of diverse cultures and has proved crucial in my role as a translator and interpreter, as it allows me to capture subtle linguistic and cultural nuances.

In addition to honing my language skills to become a professional translator, since childhood I have cultivated an insatiable passion for reading and for music, devouring books and musicals. This love of books has provided me with a constant source of knowledge and has been instrumental in my success in both my academic and professional pursuits.

I also love sports: I play volleyball, practice yoga and sometimes dabble in other activities such as fit boxing or Latin American dancing.