Traducción de idiomas Dalia Lombardi

Interpreting is an art and great passion of mine. Interpreting allows me to orally translate the meaning and communicative intentions of a speech from one language to another.

Interpretación simultánea


Thanks to years of study and practice in simultaneous interpretation, I can provide simultaneous interpreting services for live or online events such as conferences, meetings, and presentations. I ensure that the speaker’s message is communicated seamlessly, drawing on my professional experience, to orally translate the speaker’s speech in real-time as they give it.


Interpretación reuniones


I also offer interpretation services for negotiations, acting as a linguistic bridge to facilitate effective communication between speakers in discussions, interviews, debates, and informal meetings. My goal is to ensure that all involved parties can understand and express themselves clearly, and by so doing, overcome language barriers.

Interpretación conferencia


If you require consecutive interpretation, my role will be to attentively follow the speaker’s speech, taking notes, and subsequently orally translating the content into the respective target language. This type of interpreting is ideal for negotiations, small group meetings, or guided tours.


What kind of interpretation service do you need?

Due to my expertise in my native language, Italian, and the language of my host country, Spanish, I offer interpreting services combining these two languages with French or English. Let me know about the service and the language combinations you require – I’ll be happy to help.

If you need an interpreter in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact me. My goal is to provide a professional and personalized interpreting experience, which is adapted to your specific needs and ensures successful communication.